Mitchell Connell / Two Bikes Chattanooga

Mitchell Connell / Two Bikes Chattanooga

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This week Clint and Dawson sit down with Mitchell Connell. Mitchell is an avid cyclist who splits his time on the bike between commuting, touring, and riding roads, trails, and gravel. As long as Mitchell’s riding bikes with his friends, he’s happy.

Mitchell works as a bicycle nonprofit professional and freelance photographer and writer. Mitchell is the founder of Two Bikes Knoxville, Two Bikes Chattanooga and is a contributor to The Radavist.

Mitchell has helped grow Two Bikes from a small grassroots nonprofit to a regionally-leading organization that has provided more than 1,000 bikes to underserved community members, more than 50 paid internships to at-risk youth, and helped lead more than 100 community-focused group rides.

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