Shawanna Kendrick/Opening Nature's Door

Shawanna Kendrick/Opening Nature's Door

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This week Clint and Dawson sit down and catch up with Shawanna Kendrick. This is the second time we have had Shawanna on the podcast. Shawanna is the Founder and CEO of The Hiking Healing (H2) and Outdoors (O) Life. H2O, as it’s often called, is a licensed business providing a safe space for black women to grow personally as they seek to find a sense of self in nature. Shawanna's organization is based out of Chattanooga Tennessee.

Since its inception, H2O has curated spaces for just over 500 black women and girls with programs like Women on Water, the Black Women Paddle, The H2O Life Outdoor Girls Leadership Academy as well as hikes, meditative nature walks, and paddling excursions.

In addition, Shawanna is an American Canoe Association (ACA) certified Community Paddlesports Leader, which allows her to teach basic paddling skills while helping black women especially overcome obstacles preventing them from enjoying all that nature has to offer.

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